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I busted my face and jaw in a bike accident. It was so gross and bloody. After a crazy ambulance ride to the ER, the doc denied I had broken my jaw and just wanted to “stitch her up real quick” which would have at the very least resulted in terrible thick scars on my chin and face. Dr Keyes, miracle worker that he is, came to the hospital and looked at my X-rays with his expert maxillofacial surgeons eyes and determined that I had indeed broken my jaw. It was no surprise to me; I had been trying to tell everyone that but couldn’t (broken jaw probs). He magically fixed my teeth and my jaw, put my mandible back inside my face and left me with very minimal scarring. Three months later and you have to look up extremely close to see scars, which no one really does because of socially acceptable personal space distances and all that. I would highly recommend using Dr Keyes if you ever find yourself accidentally smashing your face through a windshield at 20mph, and for anything else face/jaw/teeth related.

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